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White Supremacy Groups Are Planning Something Big

On Telegram, a group called @whitelivesmattermarch posted, “🇺🇸 On 04/11/2021 @ 1 pm, Patriots all over this nation are peacefully marching to raise awareness for whites being victims of massive interracial crime and also persecution by the government.”

“🌍 This is happening in every majority white nation on earth. Time to make a stand. Please join your brothers and sisters in this amazing event.”

“📌 Create your own flyers and start organizing a March in your local city. Let’s stand for righteousness.”

“👉We collect the info about the peaceful march from social media. Subscribe to @WhiteLivesMatterMarch for updates.”

WLMM posted a flyer calling the white confederates to arm on 3/25/2020 at 4:13 PM on a telegram chat called Punished Dissidents

This is followed by a 2:23 second video that was made as a rallying cry for the compatriots.

This was followed by a message from the White Nationalists stating, "💥 Telegram channels for WLM in individual cities are popping up. Once a list is compiled, we will release the channel list so you can stay updated 💥" Listing several other accounts that have posted specific meeting places like @WLMSeattle1 who says for their followers to meet at " Westlake Park 1 pm April 11th. Take a stand."

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